Christmas at Ruby’s Ranch, A Novella (Ruby’s Ranch Book 4)


WESTERN:  A very pregnant Ruby is awakened in the early morn by a knock on her door. When she opens the door no one is there, but a wrapped gift lies on her doorstep. She assumes the ghost of her grandmother has delivered the package. She and Matthew, the ranch foreman’s grandson, see hoof prints and saddle up to follow them. When the tracks disappear, they go home, to find her husband, Billy, and the foreman, Stan waiting angrily for them. Ruby should not have been riding in her condition, and goes into labor two weeks early. After their daughter, Arie Cyrene is born, the men of the family take it upon themselves to open the box. It contains an assortment of odds and ends that make no sense, and the mystery of the box remains unanswered.

“Christmas at Ruby’s House” is a delightful Christmas tale that envelopes the reader with the feeling of coming home for the holidays. Ruby, Billy and Stan draw a captive reader in, making them a welcome addition to the story. Regrettably, the story ends rather abruptly leaving the reader frustrated with so many loose ends left unresolved — what is the significance of the wooden box? Why is Ruby’s mother uneasy about the name of the baby? The characters use humor and polite teasing, something typical in loving families. The love between Ruby and Billy is something wonderful to behold. A short fun read, even after Christmas!

Belinda Wilson