Christmas Rekindled (A Bangers Tavern Romance)


River Lundqvist hates Christmas. With a passion. As a bartender at Bangers Tavern, he hopes to use his work to lay low and keep busy. Then Charlie Khoury walks in and that plan goes out the window. After meeting nine years ago, she still stirs up something inside him despite her having left town. Having a relationship with her isn’t good timing for either of them, but when she gets a job at the tavern, they can’t avoid each other either. Together, they must find a way to save the tavern from being demolished by real estate developers and keep their feelings for each other at bay.

This book is a fun read that will put you in the perfect holiday spirit! Charlie and River have a wonderful relationship that starts as a kindling and grows in a way that is both beautiful and believable. Their chemistry keeps not just the relationship flowing, but the story as a whole also. Every character in the book is unique and truly brings the story to life. Even the bar, Bangers Tavern, has a personality of its own! Well-paced and easy to read, it takes some fun Christmas tropes and gives them an enjoyable spin that changes things up enough to make this book delightfully entertaining as well as unpredictable! Lovers of contemporary romance and holiday cheer will enjoy this book!

Chelsea Andersen