The Christmas Pact


Determined Noelle Allred sets her sights on skipping Christmas now that her sweet Gran-gran is gone. Focused on work, Noelle attempts to avoid her family’s myriad of Christmas traditions. However, temptation to make a little extra money at work squashes her personal pact. Jack Meadows, her boss who never celebrates Christmas, hires Noelle to show his nephew the magic of Christmas that Jack cannot provide. Easily enough, Noelle’s agenda of holiday activities eventually includes Jack who realizes his mistake. Noelle’s genuine enthusiasm, her large fun-filled family, and the joy Jack sees in his nephew are too much for Jack since he knows his growing feelings for Noelle are inappropriate for their working relationship. Noelle knows her heart has already crossed the line and has to make a decision that will impact a career she loves.

Readers of “The Christmas Pact” will adore Noelle’s love of Christmas, her grandmother’s memories, and her family’s adventurous holiday traditions. Each provides genuine backdrops to Noelle’s determination to pursue the perfect Christmas for her boss’s nephew. The homemade cards that Gran-gran left for Noelle are like beautiful strings that pull the story along. Jack’s love of his sister is heartfelt, which softens his tough perspective on all-things Christmas. Noelle’s innocent kindness makes her delightful to keep up with as she takes Jack’s nephew to the variety of Christmas activities. Meg Easton’s story of evolution from boss to romantic interest will make readers hope that somehow Noelle and Jack will find a way to love not only Christmas, but each other.

Moira Wolf