Christmas Island (Waverly Lake, Book Three)

Mary Shotwell

Laura Crawford loves meeting people, which greatly helps in her job at The Learning Center for ASD. However, she’s suffering from a broken heart since her fiancé ran away with a younger woman. When her job takes her to Waverly Lake, she’s happy for the break out of town, but her assignment means planning a fundraiser in two weeks. She has to learn about the area quickly. Enter Steve Albertson, hometown attorney and Laura’s reluctant local guide even though he was going to Florida. While struggling through the trials planning a party, learning about permits, and finding an available venue, a subtle change begins. The tension rises along with the holiday spirit as Laura and Steve venture into the path of love.

This is a delightfully entertaining romance! Readers will engage with the characters quickly, and be eager to see their story play out. Steve is reluctant to be a part of planning for the event, but he’s volunteered by his wealthy clients to be Laura’s guide around town. It adds to his feelings that no one in town is really his friend; they simply see him as useful. He needs a vacation—now. Brokenhearted Laura is usually gregarious and intuitive, tending to make plans with feelings. The sweet part of the story is watching the pieces of Laura’s heart fall back in place while she’s sparring with Steve. When she’s called back to the office, it feels like the end. The suspense over what happens next will make readers fear for the couple. However, they will love taking this journey with Laura and Steve and find themselves enjoying the happiest of holidays.

Leah Neale