The Christmas Gift


Maddie and Connor meet when he steals her taxi and gets her kicked out of a prestigious acting class. When he insists on apologizing with coffee and a slice of the most delicious pie ever, how is she supposed to resist the hunky, Hollywood-bound aspiring actor? When she accepts his apology and relinquishes her phone number, how is he supposed to resist the gorgeous aspiring Broadway singer? After an intense romantic Christmas love affair, the two are abruptly parted by their career demands. Returning to NYC one year later during a seemingly hopeless Times Square search, Connor finds Maddie on the spot where they first kissed. Will the passage of time and delayed dreams remain their undoing? Or will a surprising bundle and two hopeful hearts manage to remove the wrappings of a Christmas gift to cherish?

"The Christmas Gift" delivers a beautiful, modern love story wrapped in passion and tied up with a big bow of happy ever after! Readers will enjoy ripping through the pages of this holiday romance filled with glimpses of sorrow, heartache, and hard choices. The giddy sense of wonder felt from the magical glitz of Christmas in NYC becomes a character in the story as well. The brief appearances of the small ensemble of secondary characters provide delicious bits of humor and drama to move along and round out the storyline. Ms. Kuncytes presents a warm, heartfelt tale of a chance meeting turning into a miraculous love affair between two people dreaming of fame among the lights of Broadway and the stars of Hollywood, that will leave readers wishing for a Christmas gift of their own. 

Tonya Mathenia