Christmas at Coorah Creek


Katie Brooks is tired of hospital politics and has lost the passion she once had for nursing. She takes a job in a small town called Coorah Creek, but it isn’t all she expected. Former resident Scott Collins comes to her rescue several times, but even his handsome face can’t erase the fact that the hospital is tiny, the air ambulance even tinier, and she is far away from home. Was she too hasty in leaving and should she go back before her feelings for Scott get any stronger?


Scott Collins has come home to Coorah Creek to make things right with his father. His emotions are torn as he tries to reconcile what made him leave in the first place with the feelings he now has for Katie. Can he give his father and Coorah Creek a second chance?


This novella has a sweet undertone of romance as it explores the emotions of a broken family and what led them to that point. With the shortened story length, however, the main characters didn’t have the depth they needed to make them stand out and many scenes and dialogue often felt repetitive. Still, it’s refreshing to read about an untraditional Christmas story in the unusual setting of the Australian outback. The secondary cast was quirky and fun, and the author excels at descriptions that make the setting and people easy to visualize. This is a nice Christmas story to warm anyone’s heart with a tissue-worthy ending.


Kate Campbell