A Christmas Arrangement: A Cinnamon Bay Christmas Novella


Running from an abusive boyfriend, Tori lands in Cinnamon Bay where she's hired on as a hairdresser by the very pregnant salon owner. Within twenty-four hours she's in charge of the shop, assisted by Luca, the owner's hot brother. Luca is only in town to help his sister out during the holidays. He's not keen on Christmas, though there's no escaping it in Cinnamon Bay, and he plans to head back to the big city. Tori is an unexpected glitch in his plans. The sweet, sexy brunette needs a friend, and that's all he plans to be. But it isn't long before the two are in a pretend engagement to protect her from her ex. As the two play the part of a couple, the line between what's real and what's fake blurs. With Christmas around the corner, will Tori and Luca discover the magic of Christmas?

"A Christmas Arrangement" will warm readers down to their toes! The emotional connection between Tori and Luca flows from each page. There's a definite push and pull as the two feel the attraction, yet are determined not to act on it for oh-so-many reasons. Cinnamon Bay offers the perfect small-town background in which a woman with no connections can find roots. While Christmas infuses the story, "A Christmas Arrangement" will be enjoyable any time of the year. One issue is the alternating first-person point of view, which can cause confusion as to whose head the reader is in. Overall, for those who love holiday romances, this one's a keeper!

Tricia Hill