The Chosen One

Deborah Camp

A wealthy real estate mogul is demanding that his son, Alexander Grant, settle down so he can take over as CEO of the family business. After having numerous failed engagements, Alexander’s father is now crafting a party to which he will invite three eligible women whom he has to choose from, and make one his bride –but another guest shows with an invitation, and takes him quite off guard. Alex has his sights set on the feisty journalist. If he can convince her to play along with the charade for a few months, he can take on the business and they can go their separate ways. However, when their hearts get involved, the charade is off – and so is the relationship. Can Alexander salvage one or the other in time?


Ms. Camp and her creative story is a new take on an arranged marriage trope. While the plot moves swiftly, it’s well written and shares many family dynamics that get revealed like layers of an onion peeled off one layer at a time. Although this is not a likely modern scenario, readers will enjoy its conversion for current times, mostly to light a fire under a son to settle down with a good woman. His father only wants Alexander to rise up to be the man he knows he’s capable of being. A fresh spin on an independent woman instead of a totally dependent one is refreshing. Olivia as a strong female gives a subplot added substance of what each character endures. A quick read of a relationship with compromises, tenacity and love. Delightful!


Viola Robbins