Chocolate Couture


Lilly Peradou, former Chocolatier and Food Network star is now a Pastry Chef, loving her new thriving business on Smith Street. The locals have accepted her and she finally feels at home with her family. When the shop owner next door, famous fashion designer Sally James, passes away she considers expanding her bakery into that space.  The fly in the ointment to this scheme, however, is Noah Adler, who has purchased his uncle's diner on the other side of Sally's shop. Noah has expansion plans of his own, igniting the competition between them.  It is not the only thing that is ignited, however, when their romantic inclinations begin to escalate faster than a preheated oven.


A scrumptious confection, for sure! This story flows smoothly with well-defined descriptions that are witty and utterly entertaining. The attraction between Lilly and Adam captures the early sweetness of a blossoming romance and continues to softly tickle every nerve with excitement and happiness. Both Lilly and Noah are comforting characters that the reader becomes instantly attached to while their stories add a tangible and pleasing quality. This book dares to enter the chick lit/women's fiction, category, succeeding with ease, to become so much more than just a light, sweet romance. It would have been nice to have seen the relationship develop a little more between the protagonists, but it is still an extremely charming story with wonderful characters.  There’s no doubt one could easily become addicted to this authors delectable books!


Margaret Faria