Chocolate Aftertaste

Liz Grace

Nora Darkin has let her father control every aspect of her life.  On the eve of her wedding to a man she doesn't love, Nora finally finds the strength to break free.  With the help of some friends, she moves to the small quaint town of Dreara, known for its chocolate. There she chases her dreams, seeks her independence, and falls in love again, even if doing so might mean risking more than she ever expected.


A sweet contemporary romance, “Chocolate Aftertaste” is more a coming-of-age story for those who find themselves later in life. Nora has given up love, lived without it, and then seeks to find it throughout the book while simultaneously trying to learn to become a chef, something she’s always dreamed of. The love interests vary between Shane the man she can’t forget, her ambitious fiancé Liam, and Ethan, her handsome writer neighbor. Although the idea is interesting, readers might find the romance aspect more confusing than romantic. The best emotion actually occurs before the wedding then fades after. Furthermore, while reality is suspended somewhat in fiction, the ease in which Nora is provided with solutions to her problems, not to mention her progress from someone who can’t cook at all to a restaurant owner is very unlikely. 


Overall, this is a clean read, and good idea for a lazy afternoon, it simply lacks the continuity and emotion to make it a must read.


Sarah E Bradley