Chihuahua Momma


Dogs, kids, and a crazy pace -  welcome to Rebecca’s life as widowed mother of two!  She strives to make a stable life for her children while corralling her grief, keeping herself busy with the hectic pace of a dog breeder and the canine care business she operates. In walks Matt Johnson, a former all-star college quarterback, sexy and stable.  He wants to buy a Chihuahua.  (Don't laugh.) They make a doggy deal, but Matt decides Rebecca should be part of it.

This story revolves around Matt learning the ins and outs of showing dogs, and Rebecca's attempts to abstain from happiness. He gets a rough ride from her bratty daughter, and makes a herculean attempt at winning her over. The heroine herself has a fair bit of snark. All the emotional turmoil involved in life after loss is present, but the story drags, bouncing between shampooing poodles and showing Chihuahuas. Rebecca has a will of steel and keeps her attraction for Matt away from the sheets. Will Matt hang in there, chihuahua and all?  

A good story usually has refreshing ideas, and many times interesting facts a reader may not know. Canine pageantry might be one of them, and there is plenty in this book. Ms. Jarecki’s writing style is solid, with dialogue and scenes flowing naturally to a happily ever after.

Natasza Waters