Cherry Blossoms

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Cherry is a single mother, doing everything in her power to raise her son well. Things aren’t all that bad, she has a roof over her head and a steady job in a hotel. But things don’t look so good after their houseboat sinks. Now she’s basically homeless, and there’s a social worker sniffing around her. The solution comes in the form of an empty chalet, but with one tiny problem – her boss doesn’t know she’s taken advantage of it. Then, there’s the boss…
Oliver is smitten by Cherry. She’s full of fresh ideas that could save his hotel,  and she just happens to be attractive, loyal and good.  Getting involved with her might not be the smartest idea, but staying away seems impossible.
The summary of the book is attractive and compels the reader. Ultimately, however, the book fails to deliver on the promise. There are a lot of situations which are completely unrealistic and jarring. The dialogue, even the writing itself, is stilted and awkward. The heroine is immature and sulky with extreme mood swings. The hero is somewhat better, but still not a character one would think to sigh over. The hero’s brother, though, is a gem, and so is Cherry’s son. More likable characters would have made for a much better story.

Ana Smith