Checkmate First Mate


Melanie Cramer is a unique woman who has holistic and mystic beliefs. She is content with her life and her computer business job that takes her around the world. The one thing she cannot escape from though is the pirate prince who stars in the dreams that haunt her.  That is, until she meets him face to face in the body of Adam McGiver, former coast guard and recluse trying to escape his own memories of an accident that left him with more than just physical scars. A compelling force is drawing them together - one that they cannot run from. Is there a greater plan that they are unaware of, or is it just the chemistry they feel for each other?


Melanie's holistic beliefs are a driving force in this story.  An interesting take, yet it tends to dominate to a degree that unless the reader is interested in this type of belief it may stop them from completely embracing the book.  Adam and Melanie feel hot and cold most of the time. They grow fond of each other rather quickly but without any substance to really make the connection a strong one. Adam is very dry and elusive, never really letting anyone in. Their love story fails to really grab the reader's attention until the very end which makes it a long haul to get there.  In the meantime though, fans of category romance will be entertained by this light, "opposites attract" story of love on the high seas!


Margaret Faria