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MILITARY:  Betsy Bobbin works in the local library and, just like the stereotype, she's very shy. When she gets a flat tire, Nash Ware comes to her rescue. Nash has been going into the library and he has noticed the cute librarian. When he helps her out again, he decides that maybe it's time he got to know her better. Betsy is a little fearful of Nash and what he has the potential to do. Fighting his PTSD, Nash wants Betsy but he's scared: his ex hated his injury and was a drama queen to boot. When Betsy's sister seems to be creating some drama, Nash is torn; does he tell Betsy what he believes? Or is there actually something going on with her sister?

Betsy is an immediately lovable character. She is sweet and helpful. Nash is the strong silent type who at first appears arrogant however it soon becomes apparent there is more to him than first appears. As the story progresses, Betsy's fear of him becomes worse and Nash's pursuit of her may become a little disconcerting for some readers. He seems to be relentless and not one to take no for an answer. Despite this, the book moves at a good pace and is just the right length for the events that take place. As the book comes to a climax, it becomes a happy story that readers will enjoy and may want to read again. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick