Chaste (McCullough Mountain #3)


There's one thing that all of Center County knows - Kelly McCullough is a charmer who's really good with the ladies. Any woman he wants, he can get - except Ashlynn Fisher. Not that she turned him down, he just never tried to charm her. After all, what can he do with a virgin who doesn't believe in intimacy before marriage?  But one day they start talking, and staying away from her proves to be impossible. 


Ashlynn has been in love with Kelly for a long time, but she never really expected him to notice her. When he starts paying attention, she's stunned and apprehensive. Tangling with him can only lead to a broken heart, but it's not easy to ignore your heart's desire.


An awesome contemporary romance with a sexy and sweet Irish hero and heroine who is a true match for him!  They found true love and fought for it, even when everybody around them was against it. True, it took some time for them to come to grips with it, but once they did they stuck to it. Another remarkable thing is the McCulloughs - reading their stories is something that every reader will want to do. There were some instances in which Kelly and Ashlynn didn't behave and react as they should, but it can mostly be attributed to human nature. All in all, a sexy story with a delicious hero and an even more delicious romance! 


Ana Smith