Chasing Hope


Max Logan is dealing with PTSD from both his childhood and his time in the military; he is convinced he’s broken and worthless. Sky is still reeling from her husband leaving her and her daughter, Maddie, when Maddie was a baby. Currently, Max and Sky are neighbors and starting to explore feelings of attraction for one another, though both feel undeserving.  Cade Jackson has always had it out for Max and can’t stand to see Max and Sky together, so he is doing everything in his power to destroy their relationship, including spreading some pretty vicious rumors. When a blast from the past sweeps through, seemingly threatening their relationship, Cade tries to use it to his advantage, but he doesn’t understand love’s power to heal and bind people together. 

A beautifully woven story of overcoming challenges—both inside and out—and learning what it means to not give up on oneself or others. The author has managed to capture the very real thoughts and emotions behind PTSD and gives strong hope vibes to the audience. The characters are well rounded and endearing, which will have readers biting their nails hoping Max and Sky will stay and grow together. The story unwinds at the perfect pace—neither too slow nor too fast—and creates just the right amount of emotion in just the right places. A truly special book that deserves a place of honor on anyone’s bookshelf!

Yannie Sorensen