Chasing Her Heart (A Buena Hills Romance – Book 1)


Elsie Abernathy is a dedicated student working on her PhD in art history. It’s her lifelong plan to travel the world to further her knowledge. While renting a flat in Ireland, her plans are derailed by a handsome Irishman, Rory O’Clery.  He’s an aspiring composer hoping to make his mark in scoring films. The last thing he needs is a distraction, especially given his distrust of women following a bad breakup with a cheating ex. Can these two enjoy each other’s company for as long as Elsie’s visit lasts? Or, will walking away be the farthest thing from their minds?

 “Chasing Her Heart” is a beautifully written, sweet romance. The setting makes the reader long for a trip to the Emerald Isle. What makes all this even more impressive is that this is author Allison Gygi’s debut novel. The characters, both main and supporting, are well crafted, believable, and downright likable. There are times when books set in foreign settings (or at least foreign to the reader) are difficult to read. This is especially true with both Irish and Scottish brogues. However, in this case, the Irish inflections were not difficult to understand, nor did they deflect from the artistry of the story in any way. If there were anything to criticize it would be the internal thoughts the heroine has on men, often referring to them as the male sex, rather than just ‘men’. It was cute the first time around, but a bit tedious when it is repeated. But, like the Irish brogue, this one little quirk did not detract from the story one bit. Kudos to Ms. Gygi for producing such an outstanding debut!

N.E. Kelley