Chased (Changing Krysset) (Volume 3)


After what feels like a lifetime of tragedy Kendall Aasgaard has decided to return home.  She drops off the radar in Portland and hopes to leave her most recent catastrophe behind.  Returning to her hometown in Minnesota seems like the safest bet, and after sixteen years she prays that Ben Montgomery is still around to help keep her safe — and maybe develop into a little more? Ben has promised himself to never get attached again, but when Kendall barges back into his life he soon faces past ghosts and his resolve to keep any woman at arm's-length.  Can Ben move past his own heartbreak enough to let Kendall be her own person or will she always be a shadow of someone else?

This contemporary, fast-paced tale of love lost and love found may find readers seeking a few tissues.  Kendall’s character may be naïve given the trauma that surrounds her life, and this may give readers a pause regarding her believability.  Ben’s long-term imposed sanctions after sixteen years may also raise a few eyebrows, but these stumbling blocks do not detract from the mystery that surrounds this sleepy town.  There are enough clues to keeps readers guessing right up until the end.  The intricate weaving of past and present conflicts adds a degree of complexity most readers will not anticipate.  While slated as part of a series, this is definitely a stand-alone installment with enough moxie to lead new readers to seek out previous installments. 

Jordyn Teel