Charmed By You (Flirting with Forever Book 5)


Zoey Porter is a high school guidance counselor and has caught the eye of Mr. Steele, who is the Assistant Principal. Zoey is great at her job, and loves her students. She has a particular empathy for one of her students, and she knows with her experience, she can help her finish out the school year. Zoe has a secret in her past she’s kept from the friends in her tribe, but the dam may burst soon. When Mr. Steel asks Zoey to attend a conference out of town, she’s flattered but also hesitates due to the fact she has a crush on her boss, which is an obvious no-no. Knowing things could heat up have both parties excited, yet guarded, as they’ve both loved and lost, but they may finally be ready to try love again.

Ms. Bailey has created a touching and heartwarming story in “Charmed By You”. The conflict that Zoey experienced in her youth was thoughtfully written and well played when this subject is told from opposite perspectives. The loss that is portrayed by Miles is heavy, and how that affects him over time is done in a realistic fashion. Some of the situations seem a little predictable; nevertheless, they are still thoroughly enjoyable. As with previous installments in this series, the group text messages between the girl friends prove highly entertaining. This book stands alone, yet any reader would enjoy reading the series from the beginning. With sparks flying and chemistry sizzling between Miles and Zoey, any reader looking for a sweet yet scorching read for the summer need look no further!

Viola Robins