Chad’s Chance (Emerald Springs Legacy #1)


Chad Whitman is a player with the ladies and has responsibility of running the family diner. Things need to change, and his recent interest in microbrewed beer just may be the answer. He heads to a microbrewery in Seattle to check out the beer and their set up. He’d read an article about the brewmaster and was surprised to run into her. Jen Chavez loves brewing beer and is good at it. When she suddenly becomes unemployed and an offer comes from the rich boy Chad, she is not too sure about getting involved with what he’s offering, but she does need a paycheck. His family has made their money from tea farming. Will the player hero stay away when pushed or does this make him fight harder for the woman who has won his heart and seems to be his perfect match?


“Chad’s Chance” is the third book in a series and totally stands alone. The Emerald Spring Legacy series weaves the stories of the Whitman and Sanders families:  from the mature father and his new love to the youngest brother of three finally finding his soul mate. The heroine in this installment has issues with her mother, who uses rich men to get what she’s needs.  Jen wants to keep her away in hopes of protecting her heart and her future. When the hero is pushed away, situations become clear on his needs and wants. The romance is hot and moves very quickly and may not be too realistic to some readers. The story is deftly written and has a fun plot with the beer industry focus.


Julie Caicco