Celebrity Spin Doctor


Lucille is an undercover PR agent for celebrities who are causing havoc – when they screw up, Lucille is there to cover it up, or spin the tale in such a way the screw-up suddenly seems like the best move they’ve ever made. Lucille is excellent at her job, but even with her impressive skills, the case Michel Polce approaches her with might be too much to handle. With Michel’s fiancée trying to kill him and Michel being reluctant to let anyone know about his problems, Lucille will have to use all her skills if she wants to solve this case.

“Celebrity Spin Doctor” is a hilarious romp that rolls from one plot twist into another, keeping the reader thoroughly entertained. It has intrigue, mystery, romance, and basically everything a reader can want in a novel. The book takes several well-known tropes in the romance genre and puts a spin on them that gives the story a nice twist. The characters are far from perfect – even Lucille has more than her fair share of flaws, but that’s what makes them interesting. Don’t expect a deep, profound story. At times, in fact, the story is a bit too light, and there aren’t always consequences for a character’s actions. But  “Celebrity Spin Doctor” clearly avoids the deeper issues on purpose: instead it’s a light a romantic, hilarious, fast-paced comedy. 

Majanka Verstraete