Caught on Camera (Hollywoon in Muskoka #1)


Rachel has dreamed of attending film school for a very long time, and has until the end of the summer to raise the $35,000 tuition to the Toronto Film School. When she lands a job at a resort catering to Hollywood stars, she has hit the jackpot.  She can take candid shots of the stars while she is working and sell them to earn her tuition! When a mega-movie star is without a bridesmaid, and Rachel just happens to be the one who can fit the dress without showing up the bride, it is the opportunity of a lifetime.  Mickey McNichol, talent agent and best friend of the groom, falls for the beautiful and trustworthy "cousin” of the bride.  Will she betray the trust that has been given to her?  

"Caught on Camera" is a super fun read!  Full of funny drama and lighthearted banter, it lifts the spirits.  Rachel is comical but shy and does not believe she has anything to offer these movie stars or their friends.  When she sees they are real people and is accepted by them, her desire to go to film school battles with her integrity.  Mickey is a down-to-earth, "tell it like it is" type and takes no prisoners when he wants something, and Rachel is what he wants.   A witty, passionate romance, "Caught on Camera" is a great break from reality.

Laura Dinsdale