Catching Waves: A Sweet Beach Romance (Royal Palm Resort #2)


Royal Palm resort is Carly’s home for the summer. She has been on staff for the last few years as a summer surf instructor, a great change from her teaching job. Gage Craven is a Hollywood up and comer (son of a famous actor), but he wants to do just one film to gain his father's approval and move on to his dream, not his father’s. Carly is the seasoned surf pro at this inclusive resort, chosen for its strict privacy policies. Will the heat of summer draw two unsuspecting souls together or will the paparazzi surround them both with chaos to chase away the best the thing they had going?

“Catching Waves” is a hot summer read that will leave readers wanting for more. This is a wonderful clean read full of romance and enough family drama to scare off most. Carly and Gage are well developed and feel like readers have known them their entire lives! The supporting characters also add to the storyline and make it all very believable, so much so that when the story ends, many will continue to think of them. Some bits of the story are predictable but even so, very entertaining and suspenseful. There are delicate matters around loss that are handled with grace. Kudos, Ms. Krey! This is part of a series and very much stands alone, but readers should look for the other books in this series. 

Viola Robins