Catch of the Day

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Both Special Ops Coast Guard Captain Gage Connor and accountant Cody Ryan are looking for a vacation when they enter the Annual Loon Fishing Tournament. Gage needs a break from chasing drug smugglers off the Louisiana coast, and Cody is looking to somehow reconnect to her recently deceased father who frequented the fishing tournament. Neither expects trouble in the sleepy town, but the feisty redhead discovers she’s the first female to ever enter the tournament, and the Captain finds out the smugglers he left behind are coming after him and the uncut diamonds hidden onhis boat. 

Mix in a cast of zany small town characters including an elderly doctor, some fun-loving ladies, a mayor who makes up his own rules, his lunkhead son and flirtatious daughter, not to mention an old Cajun friend, and romance isn’t far behind. McCarty has written a wonderful book.  The characters grow, the background holds solid depth, and unexpected twists add to the plot while not being completely unbelievable. The growth of the mayor’s son is actually really well done, and an enjoyable side plot. The town of Loon was written so well the reader will wish they could drop in for a visit and meet some of the people there. The only detraction is the repetitiveness of some of the description - the same phrases are used often enough to be noticeable.  Other than that, a fantastic light read!


Sarah E. Bradley