Cassie’s Cowboy Crave


With her parents doing missionary work all over the world and a boyfriend away in India, Cassie is more than used to people leaving her. That’s why carving a niche for herself with friends and her job as an editor is so crucial to her- and why it’s so shocking when she’s yanked into a witness protection program because she was a juror in a sensitive case. Apparently, she’s to become a cowboy’s wife… 

Losing a bet with his matchmaking brothers brings Shane danger... in the form of  Cassie and her two cats. His family’s been doing witness protection for years, in fact his brothers have gotten married to women they protected, but Shane’s not ready for it. With her, he wants to be, and to hell with her city roots and her boyfriend…  

Ain’t nothing more charmin’ than a sweet cowboy fallin’ in love-especially the way Ms. Krey writes it! This is the first book in a reversely chronological series, meaning we see Shane’s brothers happy and married, but still have their stories to look forward to. That, coupled with the abrupt way the characters are introduced, makes the beginning confusing.  Also, readers may not be able to suspend their disbelief at the tale of a familial, semi-professional, matchmaking witness protection program requiring make-believe marriages -  nor the way characters remember and forget the danger when convenient. However, the author’s great strength remains in the way she infuses her characters with life and writes their romance so delightfully, complete with teasing, longing and lively conversations. Conclusion: craving a cowboy something fierce - guaranteed!

Mimi Smith