The Casserole Dish


Lisa Bennigan, a newly-divorced mother of three children, finds herself lifting and balancing different kinds of weights as she transitions into a being fully independent single mother. After inheriting an old house that belonged to grandmother Maybelle, she becomes part of a rather dramatic, if not problematic, neighborhood in St. Louis. Her determination to shake off her ex-husband's bitter taste from her life and that of her children becomes her motivation for rehabbing the old house all by herself. She intends to sell the house for a pretty penny and leave her gossiping new neighbors behind - until Jackson Tydell makes a grand entrance into her life. Accepting his challenge to make peace with her new neighbors, a magical casserole dish comes to life.

Extremely delightful. That’s what one would use to describe “The Casserole Dish” by Amey Zeigler. Peppered with the right portions of suspense, charm, and drama, the reader gets a one-of-a-kind tour of a neighborhood characterized by the rarest combination of characters. The themes of family relations, dealing with a bitter divorce, and handling difficult neighbors stand out throughout the novel. Readers who love rising-from-the-ashes stories, especially those starring a broken woman, have a real golden pot full of mind-blowing tidbits from this read. The recipes of tantalizing casserole dishes come as a much welcome bonus. Were it not for a couple of typos in the book, it would have hit the perfect mark. However, as the wise folks say, it is as good as they come...worth every penny and second.

JM Lareen