Yara Bujold is in the process of suing her seedy and sinister manager Marcus Kaine in an attempt to get out of her one-sided contract. 

The minute Camden Skinner reads the news report  of a boating accident involving Yara he feels remorse for his part in the media smear campaign against her and decides that he wants out of the investigations business. After faking her death, Yara goes underground with a two-fold goal in mind: take back her life and make the ones responsible pay for what they did to her.

Can Yara stay incognito long enough to do it?  Will Cam help her attain her goal?

This page-turner begins with the unthinkable and ends with a fist pump — mission accomplished!  The writing is clean and concise with good flow and character development. The author also gives great insights into the little-known dark side of the music industry. While the underlying goal is to take down the nefarious manager, a romance develops between our swoon-worthy hero and the vulnerable heroine. It is refreshing to read a story that had the perfect balance of suspense, angst and romance.  For those who love a good romantic suspense, “Camden” is a highly recommended read!

Layne Lancaster