Calling You Home


WESTERN:  Jason and Mary grew up together and were high school sweethearts. When she got accepted to college in Chicago, she left Indiana for what Jason thought was going to be a better opportunity and a better life for her. Once she left, he made a life with her best friend Abby. They were married, had a son and then she was gone. Still suffering from the loss of his wife and carrying the guilt of never getting over his feelings for Mary, Jason is truly tormented. Mary returns home for a visit after being gone seven years. As soon as Jason learns the news, he rushes to see his one true love. While visiting he learns that Mary left town with a secret of her own that turns his world upside down, again.


True angst with a side of pain and suffering coming right up! How much can one guy go through? There is an abundance of pain and anguish that Jason is expected to endure and he is handling it, but one gets the feeling by the end of this short story, that he is definitely at his limit.  The writing is simple, making this short novella an even quicker read. There are some editing issues and a distinct cliffhanger ending. Needless to say this is not a standalone and one hopes that the next installment brings Jason some comfort and closure. True love and loss are well-portrayed in this story as the author take readers on an emotional ride.


Julie Caicco