Callie’s Second Chance for Love (Sisters in Bloom Book 1)


Welcome to Sanders Corners, North Carolina, where doctor, widow, and mother of one young son Callie Parker hustles through busy days as the only doctor in town. The mayor hires Dr. Robert Jameson to share Callie’s professional responsibilities at the medical clinic. Although both Callie and Robert were raised in loving circumstances in small towns, only Callie adores that experience as an adult and does everything in her power to preserve that environment for her child. Robert craves the fast pace, challenges, and anonymity of life in the big city. An adversarial meet-cute starts their professional relationship that quickly turns very personal. 

Callie and Robert’s love story combines an homage to the joys of being deeply engaged in a strong sense of neighborly community with the challenges of dealing with life’s unexpected crossroads. Both doctors are portrayed as complicated, thoughtful individuals who are motivated by past losses to help other people live healthier, longer lives. 

Allie Kincaid writes about living in a small town with obvious affection. Each member of the supporting cast from Callie’s sisters and grandmother to Robert’s family and the town’s residents project authenticity in relatable ways. There is a predictable element to one aspect of their conflict. That’s offset by the impressive blending of Callie’s and Robert’s thoroughly modern concerns and the nostalgic charms of living in a small town. “Callie’s Second Chance at Love” offers readers a sweet escape!

Cardyn Brooks