Callie’s Heart

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At 17, Callie Daniels married Garrett O’Neill to save her family ranch.  It was her mother’s dying wish and meant to protect her as she headed off for college.  Now, four years later, Callie returns home, anxious to start a life with Garrett, the man she has loved her entire life, only to find him wrapped in the arms of another woman!
Garrett is surprised and embarrassed when Callie catches him and his housekeeper together but knows it is probably for the best. The marriage was in name only and he is much too old for Callie.  Circumstances, however, make it impossible for him - or her - to move on.  Someone is trying to sabotage the ranch and force them to sell to a large oil company eyeing their land.

The basis for this story is a great one and the unique romance angle promises a fun and creative twist. The problems come fast and furious, however.  The love story is schizophrenic to the extreme.  First, Callie can’t live without Garrett then she is hurt and leaving him. Next, she is in his arms in love, then, pop! she hates him! The author also packs so many things into one story it makes the head spin! We have love, betrayal, mystery, murder, abuse, FBI agents, the mob, corporate takeovers, pregnancy,  shootings, action-packed chases, two hospital stays, betrayal, pregnancy, betrayal, pregnancy ... jumping around with no time allowed for readers to actually believe any of it.  It would have worked much better if just two or three of the myriad were developed well, rather than throwing in everything but the kitchen sink! Then, the reader would have time to actually buy into the story, understand the characters and enjoy the ride.

Ruth Lynn Ritter