California Thyme


Mandy Parker is living in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California and working two jobs. Shes a waitress at the local grill and helps her best friend cook meals at the Inn she owns in trade for her room. She left New Jersey and her toxic relationship with her mother for a different scene. Her father left them when Mandy was five years old; she knows hes a movie producer in Los Angeles but after the stories her mother has shared she wants nothing to do with him. 


The handsome James Lubbock, from Hollywood, sits in Mandys station on her shift. Hes the assistant location manager for a movie being filmed in the area and he takes to Mandy right away. He realizes her talents in the kitchen, and offers her a job with his favorite caterer, Sally. Mandy jumps on the opportunity to make extra money and seeing James Lubbock more often is icing on the cake!


Ms. Dawes has a soft approach to this touching romance. There is compassion and patience shown for wounded souls getting a chance at true love and how they deserve to experience it. The supporting characters are a lifeline for Mandy and show her the true meaning of good and evil in people. The topic of mental disorders and counseling was deftly written and added an additional dynamic to the heroine. A few proofing errors along the way and a touch of predictability wont discourage readers from this warm-hearted story. Readers may hope for a sequel to see how Mandy and James progress in their relationship.


Julie Caicco