Reviews - Contemporary

With the strike of her tongue, Piper Harland has lightning fast sass. She’s a cop specializing in marine rescue and recovery; a position she worked hard to achieve. A call from family coincides with a mandatory break from the police force after a recovery for a boy goes off kilter. Piper left her home on Stewart Island eight years ago.

INTERRACIAL:  Latesha Thomas is a college student living with her handicapped father.  When she finds herself financially strapped, she starts a matchmaking service that ends with disastrous results. She does, however, start up a friendship with her only male client, Peter Elsworth.

Breaking the Cycle

Max Thomas has been attracted to Chloe from the moment he saw her, and as trainers at a gym, they are in close proximity. However, Chloe has a chronic illness (Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome) and Max goes to extreme lengths to find a viable solution so she can lead a normal life.

Broken Wings

Pamela Wells rehabilitates wildlife in Louisiana and lives a solitary life with her beloved animals.

Teaching the Cowboy

INTERRACIAL:  Veronica Silver loves being a teacher - it's just that she's not so sure about being one in the middle of Nowhere, Wyoming!  Now that she's signed up there's no going back.  It's not that bad; the children are great, and working with them is rewarding, but she's like a fish out of water.