Burning in Tennessee (Tennessee Flames #1)


When Becca moved from Graysville, Tennessee to New York, she promised herself that she would forget her hometown and her past - especially Jonah.  She hasn’t set foot in Graysville for ten years but now the imminent death of her beloved Uncle Charles forces her back home, despite her misgivings.

Jonah has almost everything he needs for a good life: money, a great job and a pet in the form of a good-natured Rottweiler named Francesca.  When he hears that Becca is coming back to town to see Uncle Charles, he knows that he has one last chance to make his life complete with the only woman he’s ever loved.

The author’s writing style is pleasant and easy to read.  However, too much of the story’s narrative is expositional in nature and the story arc is forced and unoriginal.  Trapped in too many plot twists, the reader never has the chance to get to know Becca and Jonah well enough to understand why these two characters should care about each other at all.  Combined with Becca’s nonsensical behavior toward Jonah, the reader ends up caring more about his relationship with his dog than with Becca. 

The skill is there in “Tennessee Burning”, but not yet the heart.  Once the author can break the constraints of formulaic writing, there is no doubt that her characters will be compelling individuals about whom it will be a delight to read.

Gwenellen Tarbet