Burn For You (Flirting With Forever Book 3)


Piper hasn’t had any luck in the dating department, so when her new dating app starts pinging with messages, she’s a bit leery, but is willing to take a leap of faith. Piper is an English teacher, and with all things Sherlock Holmes being her favorite, her username Sherlock4Love enjoys messaging Prof M. Can the two connect on a higher level? Damon is also an English teacher and going for the same promotion as Piper. Damon needs the pay increase to supplement his part time job at the gym, which will aid in his younger sister’s college tuition. Piper is getting pressure from her parents to climb the corporate ladder. The battle is on and may the best teacher win!

The amount of mutual contempt between the protagonists keeps readers glued to this book, as sparks fairly fly off the pages. The hero and heroine in the story are truly likable and realistically portrayed. The amount of rivalry and unwanted chemistry between Damon and Piper is what turns up the heat on this modern-day dating story, bringing many smiles to the reader’s face. The supporting cast on both sides makes the story even more entertaining and satisfying. Damon’s family is his priority, and Piper texting with her coworker buddies carries the plot along in an endearing and amusing way. Not much to the mystery of who is really who on the dating app, but it adds fun and mystique nonetheless. This is part of a series with many unforgettable characters, and this installment can easily stand alone. The Flirting with Forever series is an addictively great escape from reality. Completely engaging and unputdownable!

Viola Robbins