The Bull Rider's Keeper


Taylor DeMarco, manager of the Main Street Gallery, is determined to make the gallery earn a profit, while keeping her grandfather’s legacy alive. When she finds out her family is selling the gallery to bull rider Jesse Sullivan, she vows to prevent the sale no matter the cost. However, Jesse is just as determined to purchase the gallery - as well as win the heart of the captivating Taylor. Things become combustible between Jesse and Taylor, but when family enters the equation, there’s more on the line than just the gallery.


This classic romance of instant attraction leading to marriage is anything but ordinary!  The story line moves at a comfortable pace, and engages the reader from the first paragraph where the protagonists meet, to the very last sentence where they live happily ever after. Although the ending is a little rushed and leaves one wanting more, and there are too many misunderstandings considering the characters are open and honest with each other, the novel still delivers an enjoyable and entertaining read. 


The main characters are well drawn and multi-faceted, making them believable and likeable, while the use of secondary characters adds a richness and depth that are not ordinarily found in quick reads. With its realistic feel, the story draws the reader in with its blending of romance, family, and glimpses into the art and bull riding worlds. Add in the sizzling heat, smoldering chemistry, and witty dialogue, and this story becomes a captivating read for anyone who loves contemporary romance.  


Janna Shay