The Bull Rider and The Baby (The Skirts and Spurs Trilogy #2)


WESTERN:  Carrie Wang has studied at the best medical school in NY that her parents could pay for. She has done very well until one day at the office when she gives in to a crush. A neurosurgeon that she has had her eye on for some time is coming on to her and they end up in a closet consummating their relationship. Unfortunately, an unplanned pregnancy occurs and the father wants nothing to do with Carrie or the unborn child. Carrie finds a summer internship to study bull riders and rodeo cowboys with head injuries. She jumps at the chance to escape her current situation and see what else she can do to further her career. Getting assigned to travel with one of the first bull riders to have a concussion, Caleb Cooper, was not in her plans.  Nor was liking him.


The cowboy and the research scientist is not a common match. The opposites attract relationship does not take long to get out of the chute, however readers will appreciate that the friendship develops first. The story has a good flow and a nice rhythm to the relationships. There are a few editing and proofing errors; however they are easily overlooked as the story unfolds. The overbearing mother is one many will relate to and the fact that Caleb is respectful but puts her in her place is appreciated. Delicate subjects of unwed mothers and birth defects are gracefully represented in the Bull Rider and the Baby.


Julie Caicco