Building Celebration House


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Cardiac nurse Carrie Hansen is battling her own heart issues. When she receives a grim diagnosis, she decides to leave her home and family behind to restore an abandoned antebellum mansion that has wonderful memories for her of her grandparents. When she arrives, she realizes the house is haunted with ghosts of the people who once resided there — and not only that, she can see them. Will they help or hinder her efforts to make the mansion a place where love and happiness can be celebrated?


The author is well-versed in medical knowledge and does a wonderful job in describing the procedures and feelings a cardiac patient would go through during their treatment without making it feel like a textbook. Readers will sympathize with Carrie’s situation and emotions as she makes life-changing decisions. The paranormal aspect and ghostly visitations add an element of lightness to the otherwise difficult topics of death and illness as Carrie learns to deal with the ghosts as individuals - even the handsome Civil War soldier, Tom Gentry. Her interactions with Tom are minimal, however, and readers are left wanting more romance throughout the book. Also, the setting is well done, and the descriptions and historical details are fascinating, but there is definitely an ambiguous ending for some of the characters which may frustrate some. However, the unexpected plot twists and quirky cast will quickly endear this story to anyone looking for some inspiration with a lot of paranormal elements.


Kate Campbell