Bud's Christmas Wish

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Lucy O'Toole is leaving her sorrow in New Orleans and going to Ireland.   It has been two months since her parents were tragically killed at Christmas, and her only remaining family are her elderly, Irish grandparents.  Two years later, Lucy is working at the local tavern, living with her grandmum Hannah, her granddad having also passed on.   Lucy doesn't have any friends, and her grandmum despairs of her ever marrying.  Bud Doran keeps visiting Lucy at the tavern, but he is just a friend.    He asks Lucy out, but she refuses.  Since the accident, she can't bring herself to be carefree again so chooses to focus only on her grandmum.  Christmas is coming, however, and Bud  decides to try one more time. She can't turn him down for Christmas can she?
Lucy says yes, but only if her grandmum can come too.  Bud agrees, but Hannah has other plans.  A longstanding pact between the Doran's and the O'Toole's has Bud and Lucy promised to each other.  Hannah believes Bud and Lucy are destined to be together.
 How Bud proceeds to win Lucy's heart and show her his devotion makes for a heartwarming romance story.  Ashley Nemer gives readers a wonderful snapshot of life in Ireland,  her dialect with the Irish inflections adds a special flavor to this delightful tale! Given that "Bud's Christmas Wish" is a short story, it moves along fairly quickly, leaving some gaps in the narrative that leave the reader guessing.  After watching the wonderful back and forth, the story's end delightfully brings the lovers together, and sets up a great opening for a sequel!

Victoria Z. Burg