Budapest Romance


“Budapest Romance” is just that: a pair of travelers who meet while visiting Budapest and the healing thermal baths that they are known for. A New York Ivy Leaguer and a Dutch social worker meet while enjoying the luxury of the baths located in the hotel they are both staying in. Kati is there to wrap up affairs of her late father‘s estate; Jan Klassen is an annual visitor for therapy sessions after injuries from a motorcycle accident. Althought their visit is short they become fast friends and Jan is able to show Kati around and navigate her father's affairs. There is an obvious attraction but they know it’s a stretch for a long distance romance to survive. With miscommunication and missed opportunities, are they willing to make it work or just keep it a vacation fling?


This story will capture reader’s hearts from the beginning - with the mysteries of the country, healing thermal baths and how many there are throughout the city. The plot is easy going with a steady tempo. The characters are relatable and the few twists and turns make for an endearing read. Although it is a bit predictable there is a pleasant twist that wraps up the story. “Budapest Romance” will capture the hearts of readers on many levels. A wonderful foreign romance that will stand the test of time!


Julie Caicco