A Brutal Betrayal


The past has a nasty way of haunting the soul. The past often repeats itself as well, or draws the mind into remembering even when it doesn’t want to. Megan Verona wanted to be helped. Raped at a young age, scarred by the harshness of the attack, she has recovered to an extent but has one huge hurdle left to leap. Declan Connors may be a certified therapist, but he harbors a giant secret - one that when released will forever change his life. 


Megan is directed to Declan Connors for therapy sessions on the grounds that his colleague believes he might be a better fit for the young woman. Unfortunately, Connors is not easily able to separate the patient from the stunning woman who walks into his office. Drawn together as if a magnetic force is controlling their destinies, all too soon reality crashes down. 


An emotional train wreck is the foundation of this love story. A train wreck driven by grief, fueled by tragedy, and colliding into honesty. Be prepared for some disbelief, some anger, and twists and turns that only fate could orchestrate. The characters are believable, yet some of the plot is lost in a cycle of redundancy that takes a level of emotional impact away from the final picture. The underlying strength of the tale being told is the intensity of post traumatic stress disorder, both military and emotional. Those who have PTSD should be warned that triggers may be tripped. Read with caution. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto