Brown Eyed Girl (La Fleur de Love Series, Bk. 3)


On the surface, Tiffany LeBlanc seems to have it all – she's a successful doctor engaged to Tanner Collins, another local surgeon.  So why can't she stop thinking about Scott McAllister, or Red, as his friends and family call him?  And why is stealing Tiffany away from Tanner, the only thing on Red's mind?  They keep running into each other, thanks to the intervention of family and friends, and the pull of their attraction is undeniable.  Tiffany can't help but envy Red his close extended family.  Her own family life is in a shambles – she is estranged from her mother and father due to years of neglect, and the only close family she has left is her brother Drake.  Is the desire for a family so important that she will marry Tanner to settle down and start a family?   Tanner is a less-than-desirable fiance, and his treatment of the lovely Tiffany is less than she deserves.   But is Red a worthy alternative?  

“Brown Eyed Girl” is a sweet romantic story, with a scrumptious love triangle between Tiffany, Tanner, and Red!  It does seem that Tanner gives up a little too early and easily – a little more angst in the Tiffany/Tanner relationship would provide a great foil to Red's pursuit of Tiffany.  A lot of description is devoted to the members of Red's family and friends, so it took awhile to sort them all out.  Lori Leger is a master at great romance, though, and the one between Tiffany and Red is a perfect example. Their coming together in the end will give readers the hot love, tender sigh fix everyone yearns for in a love story!   And, an unexpected budding relationship sets the stage for the next great book!

Victoria Z. Burg