Broody Devil (Nashville Devils Book 3)


Bad boy hockey player Rhett has a reputation, a bad attitude, and gets bad press, which leads to a team transfer. Lucy is, once again, rushing in for some damage control in hopes of keeping the media at bay. While she confronts Rhett to manage his demeanor, they fall in to a rhythm of friendly banter, which turns into having a cocktail, then a night in Las Vegas that neither can quite recall. When the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, they realize they have done an enormous act that can have some major repercussions for both of them. Their jobs are on the line as well as their hearts. Can the pretty, pink-clad princess fix this disaster? Or will the brooding devil have more anger and hostility than before?

Ms. Ivers has delivered a smoking hot romance with flaming sparks between the black sheep hockey player and the team’s public relations agent. The arc of this story flows beautifully with the right amount of angst and drama. The range of characters’ personalities is vast and readers will love them all. The trope of enemy’s-to-lovers is not unique, however, when the heat turns up and the fire is stoked for the main characters, it’s jaw dropping, page-flipping goodness! This is book three in the series and does stand-alone, however, readers may glean more from reading the books in order as all characters are present throughout. The jocks and the confident ladies that inhabit “Broody Devil” are drawn with depth showing their pains from childhood that many are still struggling to conquer in adulthood. A wild ride on and off the ice from start to finish!

Viola Robbins