Broken Wings


Pamela Wells rehabilitates wildlife in Louisiana and lives a solitary life with her beloved animals. Her reclusive lifestyle abruptly changes, however when Daniel Phillips comes to work at her sanctuary.  A former soldier suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Daniel is sent to Louisiana as part of his parole requirements. The sparks fly until Daniel’s past and Pamela’s debilitating health come to light. But all is not well in the animal kingdom, and Pamela soon finds herself turning to her ex-husband for help.


This unique story takes the reader on a dramatic and emotional journey while relating interesting facts about wildlife rehab. The start is a little slow, but it picks up the pace after the first chapter. Although set as a romance this tale offers the reader so much more, as it touches on chronic illness, the devastation of PTSD, the effect of natural disaster on wildlife, and the healing power of animals. While the heroine is a strong woman, her personality takes an incongruous turn when she caves in to her ex-husband’s machinations. 


This moving story is a great mixture of love, struggle, healing, and understanding. The characters are well-developed, and the use of the animals as secondary characters enriches the story and adds compassion and humor.  "Broken Wings" is a compelling novel that’s hard to put down and has the reader rooting not only for the protagonists but also for the animals. 


Janna Shay