Broken Smiles


Singer/song-writer Lady Laidan has skyrocketed to fame, but she finds the trip and view from the top to be a comet too big to ride.  After collapsing on stage she decides to take a much needed break to the remote jungles of China.  Accompanied by a bodyguard and her childhood best friend, they travel to the bamboo forests deep in the interior where they meet Dr. Rafe Watkins at his clinic. Rafe helps to heal children and dreams of opening an orphanage but has no idea of Laidan’s fame.  Laidan has dreams as well - to be free of the paparazzi - and would love nothing more than being just a face in the crowd.   Laidan finds inner peace that soothes her soul with Rafe. Can their romance endure the stunning reality of who she is and the attention she garners?


Broken Smiles” is stand alone glimpse into the world of fame and fortune.  Ms. Mayoros demonstrates her ability to entrance readers with creative musical talent, utilizing lyrics throughout, pulling readers into her soulful craft.  Laidan has standards and she’s not afraid to stiffen her spine to make others appreciate the fact that she doesn’t bend to their will. Rafe’s character is somewhat a mystery until very late in the book but is slowly revealed to be that of a strong-minded man; however some readers may find that his actions may not ring true. Some seasoned readers will be stymied when the story occasionally bogs down.  A light editing for typographical errors would further enhance the reader's purchase. Kudos to Ms. Mayoros on a clean Christian romance!


Roberta Gordon