Broken Promises


FBI Special Agent Alex MacGregor has a problem with keeping promises made. Time and again, breaking promises has caused heartbreak and not just his own. Case in point, Bette Smithson, he saves her from a stalker, finds her a safe haven, a job, then leaves her with a scorching kiss, promising to call her.

Six months later he receives a call from Bette that his sister, whom Bette has become close friends with, is missing. Returning to his home town, he puts his dream job on hold with the Violent Crimes Task Force, and faces the woman he hasn't been able to forget. A woman that just might cost him the career he loves.

Wow, this book has so much potential! In a romantic suspense, the suspense aspect of the story usually takes precedent or at least is a strong focus. Through the first two thirds of this story, however, the  romantic side seems to overshadow the plot,  focusing on the feelings between Alex and Bette, while the fact that Alex's sister is missing seems to get lost. There is also a frustrating lack of back story for both the main characters, leaving them with no emotional depth.  Things do get exciting at the end, though. The villain was a surprising shock, one that wasn't expected, making it the best part of the story!

Tonya Smalley