Broken Cowboy (The Montana Men Series Book 1)


Warning: a scene with mild violence near the end may trigger.

Addie Malory is working hard trying to make something of the farm she bought. It was in dire shape when she bought it, but she is determined to make it prosper. She refuses to be taken advantage of by men who think she knows nothing purely because of her sex. When things become desperate, she sees salvation when she hires a new ranch hand. Cade Brody has been travelling for too long and has been through a lot. He was betrayed and has a lot of emotional baggage to deal with. When Addie offers him a job, he takes it, not expecting to fall for his new boss. When the farm is attacked, Cade fights hard and it’s made worse when his own demons come back to haunt him. Will they be able to save the farm and find their happy ever after? Or will the bad guys win and ultimately ruin Addie’s dream?

Who doesn’t love a rugged, handsome cowboy riding in to save the day? Jamie Shultz has more than delivered with this awesome story of a cowboy struggling under the burden of emotional baggage. The attraction between Addie and Cade is immediate and only becomes hotter as the book continues. Granted, there is a hint of cliché in the storyline, but it is made better by the high quality of writing and the varied characters readers can relate to. Searing hot love scenes will have e-readers being once again used as fans when things get too hot. Do not miss a fantastic start to what promises to be an awesome series.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick