Brides and Brothers

Anneka R.

In the small town of Cherish, Montana, where everyone seems to find love young, Camille is heading toward being called an Old Maid – and she’s not even 30! When Camille has computer issues, the repair guy she’s able to get ahold of is Aiden Peterson, handsome, charming, everything a girl could want… and the oldest of seven brothers. As their relationship develops, Camille gets the bright idea that her six friends would make excellent partners for Aiden’s brothers. Aiden isn’t so sure about Camille’s plot, nevertheless, relationships form all around, despite the issues Aiden and Camille face as a couple. Could seven members of one family really find their happy-ever-afters all at once, or will problems arise that will test new love’s boundaries to the breaking point?

A modern and quirky retelling of “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” “Brides and Brothers” will leave a smile on reader’s faces as they get drawn into the Peterson family and all of the antics seven brothers – and seven single girls - can get up to. The development of Camille and Aiden’s relationship, regrettably, falls to the wayside because of the sheer number of characters involved in this tale. In fact, there are so many relationships that none of them show much detail or development. The fact that Aiden just ups and leaves his new bride at home with his six brothers in this modern-day world does stretch believability to the limits. Nevertheless, all of the brothers and friends involved in this story are interesting and have their own personalities.  “Brides and Brothers” will bring on the happy vibes the well-loved movie is known for.

Piper Valentine