A Bride for the Sheikh


Angelina Smith is on holiday visiting her father in the Middle East, due to start law school upon her return to London. Her father’s business collapsed in a bad economy, which resulted in his wife leaving him and his move to find work. When he is invited to attend a formal gathering at the Sultan’s home, Angelina agrees to accompany him. It is there that the Sultan’s youngest son encounters Angelina and is instantly drawn to her. Before he can get acquainted she is gone. His father has pre-arranged a marriage to a woman he cares nothing about.  He is desperate to find the girl he met and convince his father to let him choose his own bride. Will the Sheikh find Angelina before his time runs out?


Ms. Lane goes into great detail of Middle-eastern etiquette and its royalty. Her deftly written visual descriptions will emerge the reader in the middle of the very hot desert with palatial mansions. The romantic connection between a royal Sheikh and a commoner is a familiar love story but “A Bride for the Sheikh” has a twist which includes many western personalities and character traits. The story is a brisk romance. However, it keeps one engaged until the very end to see where the relationship will go. Readers will surely enjoy the sacrifices made in the name of love, and how family, along with friends, show their support. This is a quick-read novella and will not disappoint!


Julie Caicco