Breaking The Sinner


Genevieve has recently relocated to Los Angeles, California and found a job at a local gym. She has made a couple of friends and one other employee at the fitness center has caught her eye for sure. His name is Cobra, he’s covered in tattoos and has eyes that could undress her. Gen is bit out of her league since she was raised on a compound/commune type setting with very religious parents and no exposure to the “outside” world. She arrived in LA armed with a bucket list of things to do. Cobra has offered to assist in accomplishing said list. Can they keep to the three-month agreement or will they crash and burn?

Ms. Leigh has penned a hot and heavy love story with total opposites attracted to each other. Gen and Cobra are from very different worlds and find commonality with white-hot chemistry. The story is well written, however an immaturity level in the characters is hard to relate to. This is part of a series and stands alone but may be helpful to read the previous installments. The cliché of bad boy meets virgin girl is the theme throughout the story and most of the book is highly predictable. There are some interesting plot twists that will keep readers wanting see how Gen’s family reacts to meeting Cobra during Thanksgiving holiday. Those who love a bad boy alpha male will enjoy this book!

Viola Robins