Breaking the Silence (Hard Drive Series Book 2)


SPORTS:  Rico Choate is a well-known MMA celebrity and a regular Casanova. His life is filled with one night stands and champion wins until a chance coffee errand lands him in the same shop with a beautiful deaf barista. 


After a roadside bombing attack in Afghanistan leaves Avery without her hearing she has an adverse encounter with a celebrity that leaves a resonating mark on her, giving her a newfound determination to have a normal life and conquer her disability. 


Despite Avery’s rejection, Rico is struck by cupid’s arrow and will go to any length to woo his girl, even if that means keeping the biggest part of his life a secret.


The build of this story is slow, and the author takes her time creating a meaningful foundation between Rico and Avery. Rather than seeing two unfamiliar characters jump into bed, you’re taken down Rico’s emotional road of being torn between how much he should reveal, and just how infatuated he is with Avery. One may be reminded of old fashioned courting as they take in Rico, a white night who goes to great lengths to woo his girl. While in contrast Avery presents a dominant, no-nonsense personality: a true Marine at heart!  While the reader can successfully read the second book of this series as a standalone, one may feel a bit lost with the relationship dynamics of the main and supporting characters.  Ms. Andersen does an amazing job of bringing to life a sweet and touching romance!


Stephanie Lodes